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Get Bull Run ready Bodgers!

It’s getting chonkey!


who is Bodge?

After snoozing and snacking its way through the bear market, Bodge has finally decided to leave the cozy bearish den and step into the spotlight. Ready to compete against its younger brother, Bodge arises, ready to seize the charts!

Bulked up for the long and heavy bull market run, it stands resilient and strong, proving us that sometimes it's the round ones who can roll the furthest in the crypto world.

Sure, Bodge isn’t your typical sleek, fast-moving token, but this lovable “chonk” is stable enough to skillfully sidestep risks and navigate market dips and pumps. From chaos to calm, Bodge brings the balance your wallet needs to raid this bull run.

Despite the bulky figure, Bodge packs extra turbo power behind its fluff to reach moonish ATHs. Think of it as the lovable giant in the crypto zoo: so cute…but oh so terrifying!!!

So, prepare your snacky snacks and get ready to roll with Bodge!

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Copied! New Bodger in pack!

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Join The Bodgers

Beyond being a fun meme token, Bodge is a symbol of inclusivity. It stands for embracing imperfections, navigating uncertainties together with a smile and building a community where each member is valued, no matter their portfolio size or experience in the crypto space.

Bodge hodlers are affectionately referred to as "Bodgers”. Our community welcomes and encourages both crypto newbies and experts to achieve steady wins.

Bodgers are strong hodlers. We hodl onto our tokens like Bodge hodls onto his snacks. We state that success in the crypto world isn’t always measured by rapid gains.



There are tokenomics and woofonomics for those who know how to fetch returns. Keep your eyes on the ball! Here are our tail-wagging numbers:

Total Supply: 777.777.777

Presale: 57%

LP: 28%

Team/Marketing: 15%

Reasons to Bodge up your bags

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It's getting chonkey!



Unprecedented ATH potential

Promising, tail-wagging returns

Drool-worthy profits

Barkchain Technology


Trusted Bodgers

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"Investing in Bodge is playing fetch with a golden retriever, that actually retrieves gold!"


The partners of Bodge

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